Giosuè Sulipano

Giosuè Sulipano

Computer Science student at UNISA.

About me

Hey, Giosuè Sulipano here!

I'm 23 years old and I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Salerno.
I'm a Computer enthusiast and I love everything related to him.
Fascinated by software development, security and machine learning.

In the past, I was involved in some web management of different website, some built with most popular CMS and forum boards like Wordpress, Joomla, vBulletin, XenForo, MyBB and phpBB. During this time, I learned the usage of those CMS and forum boards and the basics of HTML and CSS by myself. In the high school I approached the world of algorithms, Visual Basic and refined my HTML knowledge.

Currently, I received the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and I'm studying for the Master's Degree in Computer Science. In those years I learned a bunch of things, such as C, Java, algorithms and data structures and much more.


Nothing much, just my personal website. It's like a little window on me. It has different sections that talks about me, my projects and skills. Made it in my spare time with some HTML5 & CSS3 basics, using the famous front-end library Bootstrap.

Erasmus Smart
Erasmus Smart

Erasmus Smart is a Sofware Engineering project for academic purposes. With a 10-man team, we developed it in three months. It's a web application built with Ionic 3 and Angular 5 that aims to offer support to the students, tutors and Erasmus Office of the Computer Science department of UNISA, involved in outgoing Erasmus.


Flyseum is a Web Development project for academic purposes, developed in less than 30 days with a 3-man team. It's a website where you can easily find and book flights in the european zone, taking off from Rome, deployed on Tomcat and built in Java, following the MVC pattern.

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